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DIY Painted Brogues


I saw this photo on Pinterest and fell in love. I love brogues and I love pink so I pretty much needed them but for some reason coloured brogues are really hard to find. All I could manage to find was grey or brown so I decided I better get my paint out.

Forgive the photos below, they were taken on my phone before I got my NEW MEGA CAMERA!

You will need:

Some brogues- the thing to make sure of is that they are good, stiff leather rather than the floppy ones. If they are floppy the paint will get all cracky.

Good acrylic paint- White and your colour of choice.

Paint brushes of assorted sizes.

Laces which match your new colour.

Varnish or fixing spray.

1) First make sure your shoes are clean before adding your first coat.

2) Apply your first coat. Be nice and patient; less is more. It's better to have lots of quite shallow coats.

3) When you think you have enough coats and your white is nice and opaque it's time to add your first colour. Make sure your white is entirely dry before doing this.

4) If your white is opaque enough you probably will only need one layer of coloured paint.

5) once your shoes have dried wear them for a bit, walk around and make them work a little. You'll see little cracks developing after a while. That's a good thing because now you can colour in those cracks so your hoes have give in them but they are still immaculate. Yay pretty and practical!

6) After all your paint has dried, spray or paint on a healthy does of varnish to help preserve your new shoes.

Taaadaa you're done!


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