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DIY- New years resolutions poster


I'm a list maker. I respond really well to being able to see what I have to do all spelled out on paper and ready to cross off.  I thought I would try to replicate this in my new years resolutions so I am motivated to actually achieve them. I guess this isn't so much a DIY as the suggestion "why not write out your resolutions?" but hey ho.

You will need:

A piece of paper
A pencil
A printer
A light box or window
A pen
Lot of colouring pens

First of all play around with layouts and fonts on the computer. Try and get a nice mix and cram them all together. Print out and trace onto your paper. You can use a window for this but lately I've been using a set of fairy lights stuffed into a Tupperware box as a  makeshift light box.

When you're happy with your layout go over your pencil in pen. I've been quite picky with my resolutions for my poster. The best types to use are ones where you can clearly mark off your progress. For instance "go on a proper date every month" is a big one this year but I didn't want to have to wait until next December to colour everything in so I've surrounded it with 12 hearts; one heart to be coloured each month. Similarly my weekly goals have 52 little circles around them.

I'm hoping that the possibility of being able to make something colourful will motivate me to get stuff done!


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