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Almost enjoying the snow


The snow has finally hit Edinburgh with full force and it looks mighty pretty. I took this picture just before taking down the last of my paper snowflakes left over from Christmas.

Now unless you haven't already grasped this, I am an extremely childish person and so I LOVE THE SNOW. There has not been a single time that I have seen snowflakes and not squealed in an annoying high pitched way. However this Friday on my first voyage out into the snow I slid on some ice, fell over and cracked a rib. My friends have explained that I don't actually know that it's cracked but it's bloody painful so I am insisting that it IS cracked despite lack of medical proof.

And so instead of running around in the snow and building snowmen this weekend has been spent in a horizontal manner trying to do work, drinking coffee and eating sweets. It really hasn't been the best start to my 'get stuff done in Edinburgh' resolution.

I did make it out of bed to go and see Django though, which is epic and much recommended. Apart from that I have been re-watching the entirety of Game of Thrones, pretending to do my Linguistics assignment and cursing the fact that I forgot to order an SD card for my new camera. Sigh. Odd weekend.

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