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Our Forth Anniversary


I absolutly love December because it is jam packed with celebrations. Of course there is Christmas and New year but it is also my brother's Birthday on the day before Christmas eve and also me and George's anniversary. This year we celebrated four years; which was really special but the reason why is kind of soppy.

Our first date (when we were all little and 14) was to go and see Twilight on the night it came out. We then went for dinner. It was pretty much the perfect date for a fourteen year old girl. I really vividly remember sitting next to him, waaaay too scared to hold his hand, and wondering whether we would see all of these movies together. WELL WE HAVE! Every anniversary we celebrate by watching the new twilight film. We have done this despite our changing tastes, despite the fact that there have been far better films we could've seen and despite the fact that there are other (probably better) things we could've done. It was an act of lurveee (but it still was brilliant fun to giggle through them and burst out laughing every time a shirt is whipped off dramatically or everyone maintains stony awkward silences). It makes me so so so happy to think that we saw all of these films together and I've made little fourteen year old me proud.

Having said that I have no idea how we will celebrate next year. It will probably have to be a twilight marathon. 

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