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Getting reading for Christmas


 Hey there sorry for the late updates. Been busy Christmassing and all that.

It's been a very odd but amazing Christmas this year mainly because I've met so many wonderful people at uni to share it with. We booked an amazing dinner at the Salisbury arms. If you are ever passing through Edinburgh give it a go, it is superb! The other day me and a couple of friends decided to relieve boredom in the most decadent way we could think of and just went there for cocktails and desserts. Best decision ever!!!

 The food was traditional but amazing.

 When not going out celebrating or visiting the Christmas market (that's where Mr Penguin at the top was) I was frantically packing up all of my stuff ready to fly back home; hence the hectic mess.

I also spent most of my time making homemade gifts. Stitch is a pretty big deal in my family and whenever I fly home he flies home. I thought this year he needed some outfits so I made him a Santa outfit for Christmas and an Elvis outfit for my brother's birthday (he's 25).

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