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I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was extra special this year because it has been the first long stretch of time I've spent with my family since moving to Edinburgh. To celebrate I surprised m parents. Scottish universities finish very late and Edinburgh term was scheduled to finish on the 21st of December which would mean I was traveling back on the 22nd. However luckily my exams were super early and so I was able to fly back on the 15th. I decided only to tell my brother. On the 15th I woke up super duper early; took two buses, a train, a bus and two more trains and arrived back at my little village station in a mere 9 hours. Phew! My brother, who was staying with his girlfriend at the time, then phone my mum and asked whether she could come and give him a lift back from the station WHERE I WAS WAITING! She looked so happy and surprised when she saw me just standing there; it was such a lovely way to start Christmas.

A part from surprises we have been doing the normal. Giving and receiving great presents, eating fantastic food and playing argument-inducing boardgames. It's been brilliant.

We also decorated the pets. Elphie is game. Tom...not so much.

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