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A cheeky Birthday break


 Sorry I've been away for so long. Basically it was my birthday and I take birthdays incredibly seriously- to the point where all other prior engagements stop in order to celebrate. So that is what I have been doing.

The night before we went out for an amazing night at one of the cheesiest clubs in town. I love cheesy mnusic and this place had a light up dance floor so it was pretty perfect.

We celebrated the next morning with a pretty mega breakfast.

Before attending the cutest little party I've ever been to. I love you guys...

By the way that amazing cake is pure chocolate on top with chocolate buttons, maltesers and mars bars. SO delicious!!!!

In the evening we celebrated by eating amazing chocolates (THANK YOU JAVI!) and watching the Inglourious Basterds. It was a pretty perfect day.

Which even a 4am fire alarm couldn't ruin. xxx

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