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I love Halloween but oh my goodness it fell at the most annoying time in the whole world! Basically Halloween time coincided with every single exam and essay deadline so I couldn't put the amount of effort in I would have liked. Sigh. As such I only went to two parties. My favourite costume was my sugar skull day of the dead costume. I painted my face, wore a bright red wig covered in fake flowers and lots of bright colours. Oh my goodness I love face paint.

My other costume was Mickey mouse which is pretty a good bet if ever you need to pull a costume together. My proudest moment was my ears/slash hair. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! I made mickey mouse ears out of my own hair and sprayed them black. I wrote a whole essay that day but I don't think I've ever been as proud as I was about those ears.

And lastly my week's resolution is to stop believing people when they say that they're doing a "silly photo". They never mean it in the same way that I do. And then I just look like a retard.

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