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Gloom, work and yummy things


I think this photo just about sums up the mood of the last week. Gosh the weather has been miserable and on top of that I have had all of my deadlines to complete. I'm not a fan of this weather really, I'm very responsive; its sort of like a backwards pathetic fallacy. When there is sunshine I become a Disney princess, this week I have been a Gothic horror character. Wo betide anyone who crossed me this week.

BUT! I am extremely proud because this week I did manage to complete a tonne of work and meet all my deadlines. I know that doesn't sound too wondrously blog-worthy but oh my gosh I am happy with myself. As always though I did manage to make the whole situation slightly awkward; when we hand in our essays we have to post them through a letter box. My brain became confused by this process, instantly thought I must be posting a letter home and I kissed my essay. I then had to turn around to ten or so tired university students looking at me in a very confused way. Thanks brain.

And since handing that essay in the week has pretty much been roses. I chose a toothbrush for when I visit George in Durham. It's a Hello Kitty one. George looked quite confused but hey I'm a fan.

I spread a bit of cheer by taping chocolate to people's doors if they looked low.

And received some yummy treats from people I love! A graze picnic snack box from George...

And a box of choccies from my Mum. With an adorable hand drawn note attached. My mum always draws me Snoopy cartoons; I keep every single one in a little folder. :D Thanks loved ones!

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