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A minute to win it party


So last week George visited and we decided we needed to have a little party. For a theme we went for minute to win it. It was a tv show I saw once; I think it started in America but we had our own version for a while which was really funny so we stocked up on cookies and cider and went for it. Basically you get into two teams and battle against each other to complete silly games in under a minute. (it really helps if you're a bit tipsy)

Our first game is called toilet paper Mummy. Two members of each team must battle against each other to unwind a whole role of toilet paper using a mummy method (you hold the end and spin round and round) HILARIOUS.

You've probably played this game before but it's super fun. Basically you have to move cookies from your forehead to your mouth. Which ever team can eat the most cookies in one minute wins.

For this game you have to start by holding three empty stacked cans in one hand and three full stcked cans in the other. You then have one minute to transfer the cans so the stacks have moved to opposite hands without using your body or your face. It's really tricky! Cici was amazing at it. Oh and by the way the reason it looks like she is wearing a nappy is because we won the Mummy challenge and we were proud!

This right here is the funniest game I have ever played. Basically you tie a banana on the end of some string so that it is slightly off the ground and then you have to swing the banana in order to hit an orange into a designated area about six feet away. It is hilarious.

And lastly see how many cookies you can stack on your face. I recommend playing this one quite early so there are still lots of cookies left.

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