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I'm sorry I've been a little lax with this feature. I'm hoping now that I'm all settled I'll be able to do things a little more regularly. I hope you all had a fantastic Monday. I have an early start on Monday now so it was a little bit grating but we finished off with a 'project runway and eating crisps' party so it all turned out well in the end. Here are some pictures that made me smile.

I adore all things stars so of course I adore these paintings by Maria Clara Eimmart from the 17th Century. They show the main discoveries of Galileo during the period; Phases of the Moon, Phases of Venus, Aspects of Jupiter and Aspects of Saturn.

You probably know by now that yellow is my favourite colour so of course I have always wanted to be a little lemon ballerina; like these guys.

 I can't find out all too much about this print. All I know is it is called Romain Gary's The kites by Alexandra Huard and it's pretty much perfect.

 Isn't this grooms-men portrait the best? Seriously, I found it ages ago and it's kept me giggling for so long.

 I tried to dye my hair pink a few weeks ago and I loved it for a day; it was the perfect elusive shade of candyfloss pink and yet seemingly after two days it was gone. Vanished into blonde hair forever. So I'm thinking next time I might go a bit darker; I think this shade is perfect but I'm not sure if I have the confidence.

Doesn't this photo just make you want to climb into a dressing up box and get lost forever? 

I have a board on my pinterest account called "In my size please" which contains far too gorgeous clothes which are made for children but I desperately desperately want to wear. This is right at the top of the list right now. In fact this whole etsy shop is, sometimes I just visit it just to get jealous of all the lucky children with their easy to attain super cute clothes. Sigh.


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