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My first trip to Durham


 Last weekend I took my first trip to Durham where George is at Uni. It's about two hours away on the train so it does feel like a long distance relationship to us but at the same time some of our friends have other halves in different countries so we can't really moan.

I was really excited to see Durham for the first time because it sounded so different to Edinburgh. And it really is! It's so idyllic and there are just trees everywhere. It's like a countryside uni!

 This is me with the castle in the background. Oh and by the way that satchel is the same satchel that I featured over a year ago and it still looks bright and shiny new! If you need a good satchel the Cambridge Satchel Company is the best by miles.

It looked extremely Autumny in Durham. For some reason most of the trees in Edinburgh are evergreens so we're not really getting a full on Autumn effect. It was so nice to just kick the leaves around as we explored this little town.

As you can imagine we didn't actually do much. As I'd never been here before I was eager to just explore and meet all his new friends so that didn't really leave much time for much else. I think next time I visit I want to see the castle but to be honest we miss each other so much between visits we spend most of our time just smiling and joyfully skipping around holding hands. C'est la vie!


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