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I love you cupcakes


 Long distance relationships are really hard and last week I felt a little sad about it all. Me and Goerge have been at the same school for 6 years and so it is really really weird to be apart and it was bringing me down. However when I came back from lectures the other day I had a box of cupcakes waiting for me ( I got a seriously passive-aggressive-jealous email sent from reception telling me that I had "perishables" which had to be collected IMMEDIATELY!) I know a box of calorific treats doesn't make it all better, but it sure helps in the short term.

 It took a while for me to actually eat them because it was so fun just parading them around smugly. It's great how when you hold a white box people automatically go "hey what's that?" "oh what these? Oh just some beautiful cupcakes, yeah my boyfriend got them delivered. Yeah he really loves me. MWAHAHAHAHAA" I didn't actually do that.

When I did eventually eat them they were so delicious. The red velvet and the sticky toffee were my absolute favourites (they are from the Cuckoo Bakery if you live near Edinburgh). We all sat down to share them while watching the final of Project Runway (go Demitri!!!!) and quartered each cake so we could all try it. It felt oh so decadent.

Thank you Tay, Cici and Thomas for helping me eat them.
Thank you Thomas for taking amazing photos.
And thank you George for just being you/perfect.

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