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I love this picture. It is way too awesome. When I was a kid craved colourful point shoes,it was a total obsession of mine and then one day I found this shop which sold pointe shoes really cheap so I bought a spare pair. I figured that if I had a spare pair I could have one pair to go to classes in and one pair to practise at home in... and I could paint them! I stared at those pointe shoes forever not being able to decide on a colour because I wanted them all! In the end I caved and went for black. Sure they looked sophisticated but part of me still felt a bit empty. I think if I had the chance now I could go for light blue, or yellow, or red... nope the problem's still there.

This guy's hair makes me sooo happy.What I like possibly even more is the idea that when it's not all gelled up and flipped back it must just look like a silly colourful mess. And also the fact that sometime he must forget about the fact that he has a lizard on his head.

This  burger joint always catches my eye every time I walk past but so far I haven't made it in. Now that London is quite far away and so it will be an occasion to visit, I am defiantly going to make the effort.

Lastly I know it is sooooo boring when people start enthusing about something they are really passionate about but this was just too cool to miss. I study Linguistics and this week we were learning about animal vocalisation. We learnt about the case of Hoover the seal. Now seals are very interesting because they're larynx's are very similar to humans and therefore they are able to produce very interesting sounds. Now on with the story!

Hoover was just a regular little seal pup when he was hit by the propeller of a fishing boat near Maine. The fisherman, being a sentimental fellow, took pity on the little seal and took him home. He nursed him back to health in the bath tub and the pup regained his strength. The fisherman noticed that there were two interesting things about the seal 1) He seemed to listen to him and 2) He wouldn't stop eating, when he put fish in the bathtub he would just hoover them up (hence his name!). Now seals get kinda huge so eventually the fisherman had to donate hoover to the local zoo however, as soon as Hoover hit puberty the zoo keepers noticed that he began to make interesting vocalisations. As he grew up these utterances began to sound more and more like phrases until eventually Hoover was repeating sentences he had heard in a distinct accent similar to the Fisherman's.

Now obviously I'm not saying that Hoover understood what he was saying but it's amazing none the less. The video above is of Hoover saying "Hey you! Get over here! Come on! Come on!" It makes me chuckle every time.


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