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For the first time this week I started thinking about our living situation next year (in the second year at uni you move out of halls of residence and buy flats with your friends) and its just got me so excited looking at pictures of interesting rooms. I know realistically it will be a little crappy student place but it will steal feel like home and it's still soooooo exciting.

Ever since I have been stuck on the selby, looking at all the cool people with their cool lives doing cool things. They're just so cool. (isn't this apartment just perfect?)

 I never really think about kitchens much when I drool over houses. My brother is a real kitchen person and so whenever I get shown pictures of kitchens they are always uber masculine and sleek looking and although I appreciate one I can't even imagine putting one together. Maybe it's also because it's quite hard to decorate a kitchen in the way I like to decorate (I call it rainbow-clutter-explosion). But having said all that when I saw this kitchen on pinterest I was pretty awed. I know it's still quite masculine but for some reason I really like it.

If I had to choose a favourite room it would have to be kids rooms. I am always totally drawn to them. I think it's the fact that you are allowed to be colourful and mad and cartoony in a child's room. (left found here, right found here

 And lastly I thought I would share this. Just because it's beautiful.


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