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Cartoon handbags by Jump from Paper


 If I had to explain my style to someone I think the words cartoon and childish would feature about twenty times so you cannot believe my excitement when I found this range of bags by Jump From Paper. By the way this post may be a little picture heavy and word light; you know when you love something you just want to find a million words to express just how cool that thing is but end up just saying "It's so cool!" a gazillion times? I've got a mean case of that. So I'll just give ya some pictures and let you exclaim.

They are basically 2D cartoon bags which have been created by the coolest people ever living in Taipei and there is a really great selection to choose from. Below are my favourites; I will definitely be putting one on my Christmas list but I still have to decide which.

See I'm thinking the orange is awesome but so is the pink. But yellow is my favourite colour. BUT I only take hand luggage on the plane home so how cool would it be to stroll on with the case!? Oh I how I wish they had a buy one get three free sort of rule going on.


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