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A weekend at home


I love uni; I've settled in great, I've got brilliant friends, I've bought the books (even if I haven't read them yet) but I'm such a home bunny that trips home are a must. Last weekend I travelled back to have the last phase of my dental surgery.

It was so nice to see everyone and my pets went MENTAL when I came home which is always lovely but I had such a frustrating experience at the doctors. I had had screw threads implanted which they would then attach the new teeth onto (if you haven't followed my whole surgery ting this must seem pretty confusing right now!) and basically one of them had slipped and my gum had grown back over it. So my surgery is completely delayed by two weeks. I know two weeks isn't much but I had been so looking foward to this humiliating process being over.

Ahh well. Venting done. Now that I've had my moan I have to say seeing my cat was pretty ace.

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