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A tangled poster


My brother gets the most awesome presents. He always has. Seriously awesome. So when he said that he'd got me a big "going to uni" gift I was really excited. 

I adore Disney so much and specifically I adore tangled (I have the DVD, the art book and I had my picture taken with Rapunzel and Flynn at Disneyland) so I was sooooo happy when he presented me with the above poster. He then totally shocked me when he told me that he had illustrated it! I was so incredibly touched that he would spend that much time on such a thoughtful gift. And there's so many cute features like the little pascal poking his tail out of frame and the disney ears at the bottom AND the fact that he knew her eyes are green. 

So please guys, spread the love. If you pin or share this image say that it is by James Ebdon Jackson, and if you want to add that he is the coolest brother ever that is fine by me.

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