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Moving to Edinburgh


Sorry I've been missing for so long, it's surprising how long it takes to get everything into order. So basically I left off after we'd got home from our trip. After that I spent a week at home with my family not doing a whole lot. It was really great actually; just to be around everyone, relax on the sofa and see George a couple of times before I left.

 So over a week we gradually filled the car until it was completely fit to bursting. I still have absolutely no idea how everything fitted in.

The journey was pretty tiring; it's about 8 hours drive from home to Edinburgh and I was literally wedged between a sewing machine and a mickey mouse toy the entire way. There is one good thing about driving to Edinburgh though, a little after you first cross the border you have to drive through the most magnificent valley where you are flanked by the most dramatic pine-forest covered mountains. It made me so excited because one of the best little pleasures is when you go on holiday and things just look a little bit exotic and different so I found it so cool to think that this wonderful and different place was going to be my home.

 When I arrived I was kind of rushed so sadly I only managed to get one picture of my room before I unpacked all my stuff. That's such a bad habit of mine; I always completely forget to take 'before' photos and so I have absolutely no comparison. Sigh.

 And now finally, after a week of Freshers, (for those of you who don't have freshers; it is the first week of university when all the First years have no lectures and so they go to a load of parties and clubs to meet people- it's really fun!) I am fully unpacked and living in a super cool room.

My work station is really great; I have a main desk for my computer and then I have a second desk underneath which pulls out. I'm planning to do all my sewing on that one. I'm keeping all my stuff in that amazing rainbow drawer unit. ISN'T IT ACES!? My mum bought it for me and it's so useful for just keeping all my random stuff in. Thank you Mummy.

This is my bed area. I brought a tonne of pillows and huggables and I am so glad I did because oh my goodness it is freezing at night! They don't turn the heating on here until November because apparently it isn't cold enough; I don't know how I'm going to cope.

 This is my massive cotton reel holder I made; (I'm so super proud of that!) I'm hoping to do a lot of sewing up here, especially at weekends because a lot of people visit their families then so it's kind of dead. Stay tuned!

I also brought up my monster collection of cute erasers! Aren't they the bestest? The collection is ongoing because as a house warming present my Mum sent up the little birds on the end. It was such a brilliant gift because it reminded me so much of home; whenever I buy these rubbers my brother always sits down and dismantles them carefully because they are really satisfying to take apart and when I unwrapped them from my Mum I noticed that some of them hadn't quite been put back together properly. It was such a nice tangible memory of home!

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't posted for ages. Now I have my act together I will post more!


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