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Day 10- Vienna


Today was our last day so we wanted to pack alot in. We knew for certain that we wanted to come back to Vienna because it is far too beautiful to only spend a few days in so our selection process was based on what we could fit in and what we wouldn't mind leaving until next time.

We decided our first port of call was to visit the park to attach our love lock but we took the scenic route so we could see some more sites. We stopped by at the Spanish riding school to look at the beautiful Lipizzaner horses. You couldn't go in as the school is closed in July and August and so this instantly climbed the list for next time. I was never a very horsey little girl but I must say that these creatures were beautiful.

We put our Viennese love lock in the Volkspark that we had already visited because we had seen a couple there already and it just seemed to be the most friendly place we could find.

We put it on the railing opposite the little ramp so the ducks have something nice to look at. Also it's nearly behind a bench so if any pesky officials come with wire cutters they may miss it.

See our little dot of blue?

So after doing something utterly romantic what's the natural progression, death right? We visited the imperial crypt, but I am glad we did because it was pretty stunning. The coffins are just stunningly adorned and it was cool to try and work out all symbolism of them.

The only problem was that I'm really bad in hushed environments. I just get giggly. It's not that I don't respect the dead, I really do. I think that these people were good people as far as I know and therefore deserve my respect. In all seriousness I wasn't sure what I felt about the coffins, they sort of seemed vaguely rediculous. It struck me that they were just impersonal and odd and didn't actually tell you anything about the people within and so were rendered sort of useless in terms of commemorating a person. But anyway, I was doing very well not laughing, I was commenting on all of the statues and all was fine until I asked George (in very well behaved hushed tones) why there were so many skulls on the crypts. It seemed to be that that was just sort of stating the obvious. The bugger replied with a totally deadpan face that they may have been pirates. We had to leave soon afterwards.

 As a reward for being sort of well behaved we got wurst! I'd origonally wanted a curry wurst but tehy were all out so I asked the man to put curry sauce on a normal wurst. He looked disgusted but he did it anyway and it was yummy. So ha!

 We then followed the ring tram route towards the museum quarter. One of the things I love about Vienna is the normal streets are just so pretty and clean.

The first museum we visited was the Hundertwasser. I rememebered studying his architecture in art class and thinking he was really cool so I insisted that we visited on the grounds that he was one of my most very favourite artists ever.

In reality he turned out to be a bit mental. I mean his buildings are really cool but theres a big difference between a painting and a building. He also managed to weave in his sort of theory about how life should be which sounded like it was written by an insane child. He wanted these things called Tree Tenants which is basically where we give up our apartments to let trees grow in our rooms and take over and spill out of the windows because trees deserve our apartments more. Mental.

We left pretty sharpish and moved onto the modern art section. We stopped at the coolest little stand for some Froyo. I had strawberries and gummy bears on mine.

George just had plain but discovered that he LOVED froyo. It's odd whenever George goes mental for something because he's so calm usually. Like with that baby lemur that he named Scraps... actually maybe it's just Vienna that does it.

So with just a couple of hours left before our trin we popped into the Museum of modern art. It was really great in Vienna because students got free entry to museums. This meant that if we had a bit of spare time we could just swing by or alternatively if we were getting a bit bored we could leave without feeling like we were wasting money.

The museum was really cool. I met a big fluffy blue spider...

We took cheesy photos...

And got way over excited because the whole museum looked exactly like a video game called Portal.

Finally we'd used up all our time in Vienna and it was time say good bye. I wasn't too sad though because we are coming back FO SHO.

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