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Day 13- Florence


We started our last day by staring up at the Duomo and deciding and that we really should climb it. We'd previously climbed the Eiffel tower and had climbed Petrin tower when we were in Prague so we thought we should add this to our list.

But you know those decisions you regret almost instantly? This was one of those. Early on you climb the tower and there's big windows and everything looks really pretty...

But pretty soon it got like this. Just flights and flights of stairs in spirals so you totally lost track of distance. It was a really hot day too so it got mega stuffy. I wouldn't say that I was a claustrophobic person but I don't like being in places where if you need to escape there is just no option; like if someone fainted I honestly don't know what they would do because you couldn't turn around and go back because there were people pressing up the stairs constantly. Argh!

However while climbing up we did find the perfect place to put our love lock. Oh, please excuse the horrible hair, it was sooo hot climbing those stairs so I totally forfeited looking good and then forgot that pictures would be taken. Whoops!

And so we placed our last love lock...

and although it does look kind of like a prison...

It has pretty amazing views, plus I really doubt this one will be removed any time soon!

Once we got into the dome we were treated with an amazing mural covering the entire of the dome depicting heaven, hell and purgatory. It was stunning to look at and crazy to imagine the impact that it must have had on people in the olden days when they didn't understand what was being said and only had pictures of these horrific hell beasts to stare up at!

Once we had admired the dome's interior you have to climb more stairs (but these were more like ladders) to get to the outside. It was so cramped.

 Finally we got to the top! The view was really amazing and it was so beautiful the way the city just transformed into countryside so quickly.

We got some lovely people to snap a couple of pics for us before heading back down (which was even more cramped!) for a well earned glass of water.

While walking to our next location we met this little fella. His name is Il Porcellino whic means piglet and you are supposed to rub his snout for luck. This means that while the rest of his is tarnished his snout is beautiful and shiny. Isn't he fetching?

 Last up on our list of sights was the Palazzo Pitti. The Pitti is a palace built by the Pitti family, who were the rivals of the Medicis, and houses a really amazing collection of artwork. We'd been told that if you can't be bothered to queue for the Academia this is the place to be.

And although I can't really compare because we didn't visit the Academia or the Uffizi I really really recommend the Pitti. The artwork was truly stunning because not only did it have an incredible collection but the entire building was highly decorated too which really set it apart from other galleries I'd visited.  

Finally we took our last walk home. We picked up double scoops of gelato (banana and raspberry) from the Palazzo della Signoria and admired the replica of the David while soaking up the last of the Italian sunshine.

We were really tired and we knew by the time we got home we would have to do all our packing so on the way back we picked up take away calzone for five euros and it turned out to be one of the best meals we'd had all holiday.

Byebye Florence!

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