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Day 12- Venice


Originally we had been planning to spend four days in Florence and three days in Venice but seeing as we had cut our trip down we decided to take a day trip to Venice instead. I was a little bit worried that we wouldn't be able to see enough of the city in that time but George had been before and said that it should be fine as most of it was just walking around and soaking up the atmosphere.

The train journey from Florence to Venice was a little under two hours which totally amazed me. Italy is such a mixed bag because when you stand anywhere tall in Florence you see all the rolling green hills of the Itlian countryside and yet it is also two hours from both Venice and Rome. I dunno... that's probably really obvious. I started explaining this philosophy to George and he got that sort of "Oh dear" face so I just stopped and ate more gelato.

Anyway. Navigating around Venice is total pot luck. There are signs randomly scrawled on buildings but they appear to send you in circles and not all roads are listed on maps. Eventually we found our way through trial and error to the Doge's Palace.

Inside was pretty ace but there was no photography allowed (hence the sneaky camera inside hat move). My favorite room was this massive map room where all the maps were completely wrong because they were painted before people really knew about the world.There's something so beautifully mysterious about wrong maps; like they are maps for alternate dimensions.

If you visit the doge's palace you can also visit the dungeons because really weirdly it is all linked up (it didn't seem very safe to me but ahh well). This is the famous bridge of sighs where all the prisoners passed.

After the Doge's palace we stopped for lunch to have a massive slice of pizza. I must say I've heard everywhere that Venice is incredibly expensive and has terrible quality food but I really liked the food we ate, I know pizza is very touristy but it was really yummy.

The markets in Venice are pretty cool. They are very colourful and sell pasta, masks, paintings, scarves, hats and loads more. I bought two bags of this amazing bright pasta because it looked so happy!

Before we left Venice we had to leave a love lock and since there are tonnes of bridges in Venice we had so much space to choose from. 

I think we chose well though because there weren't many bridges which already had love locks on.

Ours got center stage though.

This may just be my favourite photo ever, (our lock is the yellow one right in the middle).

After a busy day in Venice we headed back to Florence completely exhausted and ready for the last day of our holiday!

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