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A zooper fun day! (!!!)


This post may seem kind of out of the blue because within the logic of this blog I have just moved into my room and yet now I seem to be visiting the zoo with some random friends I made but ah well. Let me add a little context. During freshers week I made some great friends; I guess freshers has a habit of really forcing you to meet people and bond quickly, but hey I'm not complaining because now I have some awesome people to hang out with.

So last week it was Thomas' birthday and to celebrate we went to the zoo. This is a quick warning; there are no nice photos of Thomas in this post- he's a face puller.

It was a little weird to visit the zoo again so soon after visiting Schonbrunn but it was really nice to look round and know that all these animals are so close to me. The penguins were my favourite. Firstly because penguins are great and secondly because these penguins are having a new state of the art penguin zone built for them so have been moved to a random enclosure. As such they looked very grumpy and there is nothing sweeter than a grumpy penguin.

We also saw a little show they put on at the zoo where they show off some interesting animal. I've forgotten what this bird is called but he was massive and walked like a dinosaur, I remember that much. We also met a tiny armadillo about the size of a hand who just liked to run around. He was pretty awesome. 

Thomas and Cici had a fierce photography competition and I was so impressed with the results! My favourite is the skunk but I am incredibly biased (they're my favourite animals). Having friends want to take good pictures is a bloggers' dream so thanks you guys!

Here's a lovely picture of us at the Zoo, there is all of Edinbrugh in the background but you can't really see it, just take my word for it. From left to right it goes- Tay, Cici and me. 

When we got home we bought Thomas a caterpillar cake called Mr Wiggles. Rather rubbishly we weren't allowed to light the candles or the fire alarms would go off so we just had to pretend. 
And we made Thomas a lovely birthday mask out of the cake box. Oh by the way I didn't try and make it look like he was in heaven, I have no idea how that happened but ahh well.

Happy birthday Thomas!

Oh by the way- Cici titled this post, blame her.

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