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A lazy day


I'm having a lazy few days because I have an ear infection, it kind of sucks. Ordinarily I could wait it out, not take antibiotics and carry on living normally but on Wednesday I am heading home in order to have the last stage of my dental surgery(!) so I need to be in tip top condition and infection free. Having an ear infection isn't the coolest thing in the world though so I've been feeling a bit rubs; after all I can't drink and the drugs are making me a little woozy so I'm no fun to go out with right now. I was really worried that seeing as I've only made friends recently, a week of not going out followed by a week where I'm gone would distance me from them- what can I say, I'm a worrier.

Any way, with all of these anxieties considered you can see why I had such a lovely time the other day when my friend Alex accompanied me to the doctors and then took me for hot chocolate. I don't think I've ever taken someone to the doctors before and I certainly cling on to my hot chocolate money so I was just reminded how nice my friends are.

 We went to Peter's yard which is an amazing little bistroey sort of  place just off where I take all my lectures. Most of the walls are just glass and so it is the best place to go for people watching. Recently Edinburgh has been quite stormy as well so it was so lovely to sit in the warm and watch the world bluster outside.

 Also it just happened to have the most comforting food in the world. I'm going to have to limit my number of trips here because there are far too many yummy pastries and breads.

And lastly, you know a place is cool when it posts its coffee art online!

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