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When in need...count chimneys


Time for a pretty honest post. Last weekend I got some pretty intense dental surgery. It's been ongoing for half a year now and it totally wearing me down. So this week I have been living on my sofa, under my duvet watching endless episodes of the American Office. It's not so much the pain that's getting me down but more the fact I can't really go out. I'm usually a super smiley person and I love talking to people but when your teeth have been removed people kinda run away the minute you smile. Also it kinda gets me down that I'm only 18 and already need dentures (although my optimistic side reminds me that that is only a temporary measure... but still. It sucks.)

 The other problem is that it isn't really something that your friends rally round for. I mean when you watch sitcoms and someone's sick and all their friends visit them at their bedside they don't really look sick do they? I mean sure they're eyes look a little bit red and they have their hair scruffily up but they still look pretty good. If they were all puffy without teeth like a bloated witch....it just wouldn't work would it?

So I've been getting myself kind of down. Until today. I looked outside and it was dark and it was cloudy and it looked as if the skies were about to open and I thought "I'M GOING FOR A WALK!" So I put on my least scruffy hoodie (didn't quite manage proper clothes) and marched out into the fresh air. And as I was walking around I started to feel a little bit better and then I remembered this piece of advice that I'd seen on a guy's design website.


And it did make me a lot happier! I loved noticing all the little details like the tiny intricate brick work that no one was ever really supposed to pay much attention to. And so when I'd finished with my chimneys I went home and I finished a project I had been working on and it just felt really good to be doing something. It's amazing what something like counting chimneys can do to your day.

Thank you Alex Ostrowski.


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