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Day 1- Amsterdam


We have arrived in Amsterdam! The first thing that hit us was that it was soooo hot! I thought the climate would be sort of British but they are going through a heatwave at the moment and so it is boiling. I'm not very good with heat (which is why I'm moving to edinburgh) so I immediatly became low powered Ally and begn demanding water from everyone.

Before we set out I had printed off some google maps so we could find all our hostels but even with these it was so hard to get around! The canals make it kinda windey and a lot of roads do look the same. Realistically it probably only took about half an hour to find our dock but with our bags on it felt like hours!

This is the boat we're staying on! Kinda cool huh? We were orginally gonna sleep in a regual hostel but that fell through so we found this one and thought that staying on a boat would be kind of fun. And it is. I kinda like the rocking and the people are lovely but oh my goodness our rooms get so hot because they're under the water.

So after we'd checked into the botel (heehee!) we went out exploring. The first thing we found was a big free concert. There was a stage in the middle of the canal and everyone had brought their boats out and were watching. Everyone was smling so much, it was a really nice start to the holiday.

One of the foods you have to try in Amsterdam is fries covered in mayonaise. Sadly the first stall we found was shut but no matter because it gave us a chance to see the painting on the outside of the window. I believe it is a remagining of God and Adam but they are handing eachother french fries. Amazing.

We then took a while just wandering around looking at the city. I love finding the little adorning features of cityscapes such as this lion who was guarding a city lamp post. I gave him a cheeky little kiss...

George just roared at him.

Then after a day of travelling and walking around we sat down and had a lovely steak and went to chill back at the boat for a bit.

Before going to visit the red light district! You know... to get the full flavour of Amsterdam.

It was such a crazy experience. Because of course I knew that there were girls in windows but it doesn't strike you until you actually see them all just there. It's very odd because you're waking past and you keep catching their eyes and realising that they are real people. Very strange.

We then visited the Amsterdam Erotic museum which is filled with 'erotic' art work such as photos of this bloke playing the guitar with no clothes on. I like his socks.

So after the excitment of the red light district we headed home for a well deserved sleep. Nightnight!

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