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The REAL jubilee


So a couple of weeks ago it was the Royal Jubilee, there was a lot of press coverage and a street party outside but sadly I was too busy working to really enjoy it and so afterwards we deceided to have another jubilee... for our cat Tom.

Tom is a male cat (as his name would suggest) but ever since we were really young he has been called the Queen. This all arose one day when I was  very little girl and was having a crowning ceremony for one of my dolls to make her "Queen of Toys" (I even loved throwing parties then!). My big brother came to watch and brought Tom the Kitten and I asked him who his queen of toys was. My brother answered that he didn't have one and I told him very forcefully that he needed one. Thus Tom became the Queen of toys and later simply just the queen.

Yes I know it's a bit wierd but hey, that's family in jokes for you. We had such a good time. Mum rustled up an amazing feast and we had a barbeque outside.

I made flags and staws with his furious little face on. It was an amazingly patriotic day.

Tom and his brother didn't actually seem to notice the festivities so we gave them some Tuna and then they were happy. Hurrah!

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