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I feel so swamped! My first exam is on Tuesday and I feel utterly saturated with work and revising and yet I still don't feel prepared. The horrible thing is that whenever I have deadlines such as this I always go through a little renaissance of creativity. Over the last week all I have wanted to do is play my piano and my ukulele and paint and sew and watch Wes Anderson films (for some reason in my mind that is creative) but I CAN'T!!!! So frustrating. I really cannot wait until all this is over (only two weeks!) and then I can get on with all I have been wishing for.

One of the things that has been keeping me sane over the last couple of weeks is my dear cat Riley. When you get to a stressful time everyone seems to get a bit stressed with you. This can be comforting but also a little panicy. Today it was so lovely to just look behind me and see my huge puddingy cat lolling about on the bed as if nothing in the world was bad.

Have a relaxing day folks. Even if you have exams, take out 10 minutes of cat time.

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