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Packing List

Hey guys. Yesterday we finished all our packing for our trip so I thought I would share some tips and lists with you. Enjoy!

1. Choose your backpack wisely and know your strength! There were a gazillion dresses I wanted to take but I knew that to do so I would need to take a much bigger bag which I would be unabe to lug around as I am weak. Err on the side of caution as even if your bag is small it's going to feel a great deal larger when you're exhausted.

2. Shorts. We knew that it was going to be boiling everwhere we went so I packed lots of shorts even though I don't like wearing shorts too much. I packed two pairs.

3. Lots of light tops that work together with shorts and skirts you are packing in more than one combination. My advice is choosing really light cottons or jerseys as when washed they dry quickly and don't need to be ironed. I packed about four tops.

4. Underwear. I'm leaving for 19 days and have packed about 10 days worth of underwear as it's very washable. Also if you can possibly manage wear vests rather than bras as they are a great deal more comfortable in the extreme heat.

5. Two pairs of very comfortable shoes. You will be doing a great deal of walking!

6. Some pretty dresses. After all it is your holiday. I packed three day dresses and one I could wear in the evening.

As I said before I had a really tiny bag so I had to do some really clever packing. Rolling saves soooo much space. Seriously, if you lay similar weights of clothing of top of one another and then roll them up you can save so much space. Yay!!

Here are some extras you should consider taking...

1. A pen and pad. So invaluable! Good for writing vocab and addresses andd sketching and all sorts.

2. A plastic set of cutlery, plates and cups for picnics and hostel-made meals.

3. A micro-fibre towel. These towels can be massive but they are very thin and so fold up tiny. They are also mega absorbant so they dry quickly. Yay!

4. Sunglass. Of course!

5. A double white sheet. Again this is a multi use item. Good for picnics, dodgy hostels and covering couchettes which may be laden with bed bugs.

6. Baggus! Baggus are great. They are shopping bags which can fold small but hold lots. Perfect for when you're stuffed your bag full but need to buy souveneirs.

7. A cheap phone and charger. So there's no chance of your smartphone getting nicked.

8. A camera to snap your holiday memories!


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