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One last order


Before we left for Europe (eeeee! so soon!) I had one final thing to do. Last year I started a pretty funky macaron buisness. I originally started it to save money so I could take a trip to Paris in order to eat more macarons. Anyway after a couple of attempts I realised I was pretty good at this whole macaron lark and so started selling them at posh farmer's markets. They went really well and before I knew it I was booking my train to Paris and munching on Laduree to my heart's content. Then when I got home I just sort of carried on because I loved making macarons.

This year I took a little bit of a break from macarons in order to concentrate on my exams but it was really nice when an old customer phoned me up and asked me to construct two towers made of gold and chocolate macarons for a golden wedding anniversary. I'm pretty proud of them.

If you're thinking of making a macaron tower here are some tips!

Firstly it's tricky and time consuming. Be prepared with lots of extra macarons for if they fall off or just crumble (they are delicate little blighters).

Secondly a 45cm cone with a 10inch base will hold about 100 macarons; use this as a guide for working out how many you will need.

After filling your macarons put them in the fridge for a day to firm up the icing. You want the macarons as solid as possible when attaching to the cone so there aren't shells slipping around the place.

Lastly the best way of attaching the macarons is by using candy melts as they dry really quickly and hold them in place nice and tight.

Happy Macaroning!

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