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My new violin


A while ago a mysterious parcel turned up on my door step all wrapped up in brown paper. It was huge and enigmatic and made me feel like a kid on their birthday. And inside?

The most perfect bright red violin. In the most perfect light blue case. From the most perfect boyfriend in the world who had heard me mention that I was thinking about taking up the violin this summer. Sigh

And doesn't it just look perfect beside my little ukulele? They match perfectly! (am I saying perfect too much?) I've been practising for a while now and my my it's hard. But I can play twinkle twinkle little star and a very screechy version of Frere Jaques so I am improving in a way! Just don't expect any videos any time soon.

And lastly I found this when clearing out my school notes. Thank you George for getting me the most amazing presents, explaining politics to me and prefixing my work with new girl references. You are the best!



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