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My last ever day of school


Yesterday was a very strange day, it was my last ever day of school. That is just too crazy to get my head round at the moment. No more time tables. No more uniforms and itchy school ties. No more registers. I kinda miss it already. The wierd thing too was that everyone seemed to spend the whole day bottled up; obviously we all know it's a big deal but also we know we're going to see eachother and prom next month, it was like we were saving our sobbing up for then.

The best part about it was that we all got to dress up. I went as the little mermaid and I LOVED my costume! I made the dress, bought a red wig (which I was so fond of by the end of the day that I wore it to my night out at TGI's!) and bought a flounder toy which I converted into a handbag. Neat huh?

Some of my best friends went as Avatars. They had to get up soooo early to start their body paint!!! Also I felt so super sorry for Nathan for putting so much effort into his costume and then being upstaged by the super commited girlies. I think he knows it too!

There was a fab set of air hostesses and a cute cardboard plane!

And these crayons made me squeal with delight!

My bestie went as Ziggy Stardust. Doesn't he just look perfect? I'm moving a long long way from him so I will miss him lots and lots.

The highlight of my day was this fuzzy little snap of us all in assembly. I love the fact there are some avatars just chilling.


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