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My end of work do


I super mega love my job. I get to play with kids all day and dress up in stupid costumes and bake and paint and it's just the best. But sadly as I am moving away and the kids are breaking up for Summer a couple of weeks ago I had to endure my last day.

To try and keep the sadness away all of us adults had a little going away do at the bowling alley. It was so fun! Bowling is one of those thigs I ust never do but secretly imagine I'm quite good at. I imagined that I'd just stroll in, strap on my fancy shoes and bowl strike after strike. I reality I lost and became really friendly with the gutter. Afterwards we went to pizza hut though so that was cool.

I also went to the kid's leaving play thing. I didn't take any pictures because getting permission for that would've been a nightmare but it was actually super emotional! Each class did a little dance themed around the olympics and you could just tell they'd worked so hard. It's amazing how close you get to little kids because they open themselves up to you so much; they tell you everything and you're constantly hugging them through trips and falls and solving problems. I ended up feeling properly proud of them all!

And although I'm going to miss them all so much it does rather mark that things are about to change in a big way. I'm not really sure how I feel about it all yet. I think I'm scared...but also super excited!


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