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Mum's birthday


Yesterday it was my Mum's birthday. She a fantastic lady so me and my brother deceided to throw her a little party. First of all she told me that she couldn't choose what type of cake to have so had three; vanilla with sprinkles, red velvet and coffee. To make the little topper I drew the writing on some blue cardstock, cut it out and tacked it to some toothpicks. It really transforms a basic cake.

They all went down really well! Look at Kermit grooving in the background!

We decorated the entire place with little elephants (she really loves elephants) and loads of streamers. It looked mad and great.

For some of her presents we wrapped silk scarves around the to jazz them up. My mum adores silk scarves so it was perfect but I also think it's such a nice way to dress up a present especially if the present is perishable as then you have something to keep afterwards.

Even Elphie was dressed up for the celebrations!

For dinner we went out for dinner at this fantastic little resturant called the Old Post office. It really was the perfect meal, as you can see I devoured my eton mess. Yummmm.

To finish off the day we bought the new Muppet movie and watched until we were all nice and sleepy. My and my brother we brought up on muppets so we were always going to love it but it was so good! Much better than I was expecting. We loved it.

Happy birthday Mummy!

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