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Just take a walk!


When people ask me I always say I live in the countryside; there are fields around me and the nearest shop to me sells fudge, it all adds up. But whenever I go and visit the little village where my boyfriend is from I am reminded that I practically live in a city compared to the real countryside. Just look at the colours! I promise photoshop didn't touch that picture....sigh it's like living life with brightness and contrast turned up.

We decided to go for such a long and beautiful walk because we needed some down time. This is such a hectic time for us with our exams next month and our last ever day of school tomorrow. Sometimes the deadlines and pressure just get too much and you just need a field full of beauty to bring you back to earth.

Sigh, could this place be any more perfect? I love living in England.

In other news I did a guest post for Katie at Live Originally. She's one of those people you just instantly warm to and I promise you will love her blog so check it out now. Oh yeah and I'm so super excited about this, she's kinda one of my blogger crushes so this is kind of a big deal!

That's all for now,

Have a beautiful day



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