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Jems and ZanZan

This is my brother and his girlfriend Zanny. They're staying with us this weekend and it makes me super happy. Anyone who knows me knows I love my brother to bits and ribbons so I really doubted that I would adore his girlfriend (I like a lot of attention, which little sister doesn't?) But then one day she turned up in the dead of night wearing pyjamas and squealed HI-IGH! at us all and ever since then she's fitted in like part of the family. She even resurrected my childhood nickname, Al Bear!

We went on a lovely walk today and it made me realise how cool it is to have another girl around...

and also just how happy it makes me to see them together...

I had to secretly take these pictures because as soon as Jems sees a camera he does this. Sigh.

I also spent ages plaiting Zanny's hair today. I don't have a sister so hair plaiting has always been a lone activity, it was super fun to experiment on someone else!

Thank you ZanZan for being so cool, making everyone happy and being my hair braiding sister!

Al bear xxxx

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