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How to make a love lock


Have you ever passed a bridge which looks a little bit like this? It's called a Love lock bridge and it is just about the cutest tradition ever. Throughout Europe visiting couples bring padlocks, often with their names written on, and clip them to bridges. They then throw the keys into the river as a sign that their love will last forever. Cute huh? When me and George were last in Paris we were planning to do this but we forgot. Sad face. Anyway this time I wasn't taking any chances.

First of all choose your lock. You want a lock big enough to fit a message and your names on. Also you want your lock to stand out but colourful locks are quite expensive so I decided to paint mine.

Nail varnish is brilliant for painting metal and you can achieve really bright colours. Don't they look fab!

Lastly use a permanent marker to write your names.

Stay tuned to see where they locks end up!

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