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George's birthday part 1


This week has been pretty fun! It's our last full week before we go travelling so we have tonnes to organise but amongst that we had to fit in a mega celebration for George's 18th! It's really really wierd to think that we're both adults now; we're celebrated all our birthdays together since we were 13 so it seemed like such a big thing that we could call ourselves an adult couple. An immature adult couple.

We made this amazing lemon cake. (Only I think I just about halved the sugar because it's an american recipe and we have british taste buds!) And I spent FOREVER making robot cake pops. I think they turned out pretty cool though? I'd decided on and bought everything to make a lemon cake and then for some (STUPID) reason I asked George whether he would like a novelty cake. He said ROBOT! and I took a while thinking whether I could make a lemon robot cake. But I dunno... lemon cake with grey icing; it just seemed so wrong! So I settled for cake pops instead. I'd made round cake pops before and they were super quick cos you could dip them but the pesky robots were too big so I had to paint on the candy melts. They were totally worth it though!

These photos are from the little mini party were threw at my house. It was really nice to chill out a bit after having a big family do at George's the night before. We just sat around and ate cake and watched the olympics and played his new batman game on the projector (it's actually such a cool game... I like it when he flies... I'm not really following the story) it was great. Later tonight we're going out with all our friends to celebrate. I can't wait!

PS doesn't Stitch look adorable!?

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