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Day 9- Vienna


Today we planned to have quite a laid back cool day. Seeing as we knew that we couldn't see all that Vienna had to offer we decided to go to the Zoo! The Vienna zoo is located just behind Schonbrunn Palace so we started our day in front of the palace with an apple strudel...


The palace itself is very odd looking. We'd originally planned to go round it after the zoo but then we got a bit carried away with all the cute animals so we decided to shelve the palace for another visit. What really struck us though is that it is sort of yellow coloured and looks totally new. Also every window has odd green shutters on it which really isn't very palacial.

The first part of the zoo is this amazingly old green house. Its a really beautiful start to the visit and oh my goodness the shape of that thing is amazing.

The first guy we saw was this fella. Isn't he the most adorable thing? He is a giant panda and he was pretty large but he was still smaller than my dog so I didn't consider him THAT giant.

Next up we saw these beautiful lions. They were really lazy but that just meant that we could walk right up close... they were bigger than my dog and their paws were just massive.

This guy's hair was sooo fuzzy that even close up I couldn't quite make out his facial features. So this isn't a fuzzy photo, it's just a fuzzy bison.

We caught the tigers being fed which was really cute because their mannerisms were just exactly the same as my cats but obviously huge andsuper powerful.

We also saw a beautiful family of elephants. This was the closest most zoomed in picture we could get of them bcause they had such a lovely big enclosure, but that made me really happy.

A slight warning before the next set of photos me and George spent a very long time by the Lemur enclosure and so just fell in love. The small collection of adorable lemur photos below have bee culled from a collection of around 90.

First thing I love about Lemurs- THEIR TAILS ARE AMAZING AND CURLY!

While we were watching them their was a major face off within the enclosure... a rat managed to find its way into the cage and lemurs weren't having any of it! There wasn't an actual fight but it was very tense!

We fell in love with this little guy. He's a tiny baby lemur that we named Scraps. He was full of energy but couldn't yet hold up his tail. He also was too gangly to walk so he jumped everywhere.

Also there was this cheeky fella. I love how he sits.

All around the zoo there were some very funky statues so I embarked upon a statue to see them all. Here are the Pandas...

He's a strangely hypnotised Lion....

A cheeky Rhino...

A lounging Lizard...

And a very sweet lil elephant.

Finally we finished our day with a little walk back through the castle grounds before heading home.

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