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Day 8- Vienna


 We started our first proper day in Vienna in our Hostel's massive kitchen! In our prague hostel there was a hob and a mini fridge and so we didn't love cooking but here we don't mind it at all (which is good because food is bloody expensive here). Isn't it beautiful?

For our breakfast  we ha apple stuel bought from the local bakery. It was very yummy. I think I could get used to the multitude of scrummy baked goods available in Vienna.

After breakfast we took the shortest of underground rides into the city centre. As soon as you leave the station there are just the most amazing sights in every direction. 

Having said that we had a hard time choosing what we wanted to see, seeing as everything looked like it was worth seeing. We decided that the best thing to do would be to take a ring tram which basically passes the most important sites and then we could choose what we wanted to see. It worked out really well and the tram was really good. George was extremely smug because the tram conductor mistook him and his funky language skills for being German. No one mistook me for being German. I will always be a grinning wide-eyed tourist.

One of the sites we went back and visited was this fun state of a young mozart in the Burggarten. I just liked how flouncy he looked.

We then went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum which was a brilliant art museum which was just bursting to the seams. We spent hours and hours just in the portrait gallery and we hadn't even seen a tiny portion of what was there. It is basically the best resource I can possible imagine for studying art.

Plus the building was a work of art in itself. The ceilings were painted by Gustav Klimt and showed the comparisons of different artwork; for instance he'd painted the same woman as a goddess of war and a goddess of fertility. It was really fascinating. This amazing view was the ceiling of the cafe.

After a few hours at the museum we visited the Naschmarkt. It was really wierd seeing all this amazing food but not being able to take any home to my foodie family because we're away for so long. But we did find this great stand selling pure fruit juices. We stayed round and tried a few.

We then walked back to the Mozart park and ate a delicious Viennese lunch. George had some Wurst...

And I had Nudeln! Not strictly Viennese but very yummy. 

We walked back to the parliment builidng too to take some pictures. It is the most grand building ever and made me go "...WOOOOoooooOOOOO"

We spent the early evening in the most beautiful park called the Volkspark. It had the most friendly atmosphere I have ever felt; in all the fountains there were little ramps and bridges for the lazy ducks. Awww.

It is also the most beautiful park as it holds a huge collection of roses. In the centre there are hundreds and hundreds or red roses and then lining the park are 200 different species.

Roses with curly petals...

 Roses that look like they were made of coffee filters...

Massive red roses...

And roses that are halfway through being painted.

 I gathered up all my favourites, they looked so different all together.

We then took an evening stroll around Vienna and just marvelled at the beauty of it all.

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