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Day 6- Prague


Today was the frst day we washed our clothes. It was a little bit stressful. Most hostels don't have bath plugs so instead we had to use a balled up sock to block our tub hope that that would work. It did, quite well actually and before long our clothes no longer stunk! Yay! Getting them to dry was a little harder but hey they did eventually.

Seeing as the vews of Prague are amazing we decided to climb Petrin hill which is basically a mini Eiffel tower on the top of a hill over looking Prague. We took the tram out of the main town and were met by these creepy guys climbing down from the hill. 

George managed to make them slightly less creepy. Now they just look kinda sleepy, huh?

After looking up the hill and judging the high temperature we decided to get a tram to the top...

Once you get to the top of the hill you find a strange park. There are roses and ice cream sellers and Ponies giving rides; its very odd to think you're so far up.

You can get a lift to the top for only a few Krona more and when you're there the views are SO amazing. We took enough photos to fill a whole blog post. It reminded me of when I went up the empire state building at midnight and saw someone get engaged. It was really sweet but what was even better was seeing the grumpy faces of the girls in other couples as they walked down, glaring at their boyfriends.

We couldn't take the lift down but there stairs didn't seem like too far. The scary thing was that it was all very open so you didn't feel too protected. Not something to do if you're scared of heights, for sure.

We then walked back into the old town by crossing the bridge next to the charles bridge...

To place our second love lock!

We chose the Jan Huss monument in the centre of the Old Town Square. Excuse my childish writing! It's really hard to write on tiny metal padlocks while standing up.

After we'd fastened our lock we threw our keys into the flowers (you're supposed to throw them into rivers but there wasn't any water nearby). If you look just after the second pillar you can see a little dot of red.

Oh also! I bought a marionette on the way through the old tow but she's all wrapped up at the moment. I'll show you later.

We judged that a good way to finish off our trip was to visit the Communist museum as we didn't really know a lot of the history behind Prague. I'm relly glad that we went because it kinda put the city into context for me. I'd previously thought that the locals were kind of unfriendly but after visiting the museum I realised that Prague was a city which has only just managed to free itself from a really oppressive rule and so it kind of made sense that everyone looked a little suspicious.

Finally we did a food shop and headed home to make some spaghetti carbonara. It doesn't look like much but I promise it tasted amazing. Oh and our clothes still hadn't dried. Opps.

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