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Day 5- Prague


Today we wanted to do all the touristy stuff so I shoved on some comfortable shoes and we let our selves loose on Prague.

First on our list of things to do was to cross the Charles bridge. Everywhere on line I've read that this bridge is just super mega busy and you have to get there at about 4 am to even be able to cross it. We got there at about 12am so I was expecting to have to take a different route.

But in reality it was absolutely fine. There was hardly anyone and the stalls and shop keepers at the side were really unobtrusive so basically it hardly took any time to cross when we were expecting it to take about an hour of crushing and squeezing. The views were really amazing though so if it is quiet when you go here is a brill place to take pictures.

 Plus the bridge and the statues that line it are pretty gorgeous themselves.

Just over the bridge there is such an amazing marionette shop. It has a website here but there isn't half as much stock as within the shop. 

We spent so long in that shop because every single marionette deserves so much time to examine it. George's favourite was the devil because the whole of Prague has a really "morality play" sort of feel to it and looks like a play we both love called Dr Faustus.

My favourite was this king because he looked like a character from the animation of the deathly hallows in Harry Potter and I just thought that style was brilliant. Also the wood effect was just so beautiful. 

 I did love this little guy though...

After George convinced me that I didn't need a £300 marrionette we walked up to the castle which is fronted by the St Vitus' cathedral. Isn't it so amazingly gothic? I kinda loved the style but I couldn't imagine how scary it must've looked if you were a prisoner to trudge up to the castle and see this looming down at you.

Inside the castle is mostly stone and iron and there are so few feminine touches. It's very odd when comparing it to other castles like Versaille or Buckingham Palace which are so ornate. It just seemed like this wasn't what mattered in this castle. It was all created to impose and endure and so that horses could walk along all the corridors.

My favourite part of the castle was the Queen's collection of books because they looked so beautiful (and kind of reminded me of the style of painting in Tangled!) and I could just magine them providing a real sanctity for her in such a masculine environment. 

Outside the castle the views are pretty amazing and you can see over all of Prague so take a while to admire them and feel like kings and queens.

Warning! Random picture of an animal coming up!

On the way home from the castle we passed a pet storeand saw ths little guy. He's called a skinny morce ad is a hairless guinea pg but he honeslty looks like a minature hippo. I will always love him.

Instead of going out tonight we stayed in and made some pasta. It was realy yummy...but it looked gross so I didn't take a picture. C'est la vie.

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