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Day 4- Prague


So this is the first thing that greeted us when we arrived in Prague. The station is pretty grand and amazing with a huge dome of a ceiling. We then had to lug our bags through the outskirts of prague which was just a little bit wierd. The first thing I  noticed was that there wasn't much of a smiling culture so when you smile at people they don't smile back they just stare at you. Also there weren't many people in the streets so when it's just you and a man walking towards you not smiling it's a little intimidating. 

So we finally arrived at the clown and bard hostel which is really really cool. And we have a massve huge great room. I'm not ashamed to say that after a massive trek from the station and the super tiring night train we just went to sleep for a few hours as soon as we got in. The funny thing was that seeing as we'd been on  rocking boat and train for the last few days we kept dreaming of water and feeling like we were swaying. 

But after our long sleep we braced ourselves to venture back out onto the scary streets and find the old town. We managed to find a tram and work out the signs (czech is impossible to understand!) and find the most beautiful town! As soon as we got into the old town it was much more friendly because it was full of tourists. 

We were also passing the astronomical clock about a minute before it was about to chime whch was super lucky. There was a massive crowd below who had presumably been waiting for aaages. The chiming itself was a little bit odd. A strange procession of fibreglass saints pop their heads out of the little doors. It is strange and I was kinda glad we had only waited a minute for it. The really nice thing was that there was a real trumpeter at the top of the clock who played a really cool trill.

We're also getting more confident about asking people to take our photo. Here's a tip; if you're worried about asking people as families with small children. 

We then waled around the square for a bit and found a teeny tiny cafe which just sold Absinth...

We had some absinth ice creams which were bright bright green and had a REAL kick to them.

So we wondered around for ages soaking up the old town and taking a gazillion photos before going for a curry in the Jewish quarter at a really cool little resturant called orange moon. It's crazy how cheap the food is here I think it came to about CK600 which is about £10. 

 We then spent the rest of the night admiring the many towers of prague and trying to take photos which weren't so glarey.

Before hopping on the tram home.

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