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Day 3 *part 2*- Amsterdam


Seeing as we'd already been to the Bloemenmarkt we thought we should round off the flower themed day with a visit to the tulip museum.

It was such a fab little home made type museum just in the back of a townhouse that was just does so well. I was really excited. I think George was too.

It was really well decorated too. I loved it.

The exhibits were so well done. There were a series of wooden tulip heads which smelt really strongly of different types of flowers which you could pull down over your heads. They were really fab.

There were also little seats you could sit on and be literally surrounded by tulip facts...

And a really lovely collection of tulip vases. It was such a good museum to visit with such a friendly home made feel but also seriously modern and stylish. Visit it now!

After our visit we decided to rest our feet by sitting in some cafe seats by the river. But seeing as we're travelling on a budget we didn't buy anything. We thought we were going to get yelled at when the owner came over but he turned out to be really lovely. He said he would make an exception for us and let us stay because 'your young happiness makes me giggle'. He then brought us some free water and took a photo of us. We both gave him a big hug.

And then it was time to leave. Byebye Amsterdam! You treated us well.

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