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Day 3- Amsterdam


So today is the day that we set off and leave amsterdam. We got up nice and early, packed up our stuff and trundled off to the station to leave our bags in lockers so we could explore the city without heavy loads on our backs. 

 We were especially eager to get rid of our bags because we were extremely tired. Because of this stupid tyre. It was just outside our tiny porthole and every time the boat rocked it made the most annoying grinding noise ever. Urgh. It made it impossible to sleep.

 I realised that I hadn't put up a picture of our room. It's pretty tiny. There's hardly enough room to pose. But George managed.

We spent our final day in the Bloemenmarkt, the floating flower market. It was really amazing. There was every type of flower or bulb you could possibly think of...

as well as loads of tacky souveneirs! Yay!

Our next stop was the condomerie, the really cool shop and museum selling the world's most unusual condoms.

It was good for a giggle.

 Next it was time to lock our first lock lock!

We thought it was fitting to place it in a bike related place seeing as Amsterdam is so full of bikes. We found a little bike rack with a hole cut in it.

See that little flash of green on a bike round the corner from the tulip museum, that's us. 

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