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Day 2 *Part 2*- Amsterdam


So after chilling back at the boat for a while we decided to set out off on a river tour. I was little dubious at first because I was worried it was going to be seriously touristy but in the end I LOVED it! We were the only two people apart from a party of Turkish tourists, none of whom spome english, so the whole tour was directed directly at us. Yay!

If you are in doubt whether to take a cruise or not I totally reccommend it! It's a really brilliant way to see a large section of the city and feel like you've really seen Amsterdam. The other brilliant thing was that throughout the cruise the tour guide told us how much everything cost. I'm soooo interested in how much things cost, seriously when I see buildings or art work or houses I always wonder how much they cost, not to buy them, just out of interest. So I now know that a house boat can go from between 200,00 and 500,000 euros and a townhouse costs between 5 and 8 million. Wowzas!

After our tour I was feeling really tired so we headed home...

But not before Georger got a chance to prove himself as king of the bicycles.

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