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The story of the bike


Ever since ever I have wanted a bike. One of those beautiful ones in pictures of paris in the 40s, the ones where there's a lady riding around with an impractical dress and some groceries and flowers. I wanted that so badly that I decided I was going to make it happen.

And lo and behold a few weeks ago I went to a garage sale and there it was, the most perfect blue bike with a white leather saddle which was just my size and only £15! I snapped it right up and wheeled it home feeling as pleased as punch. I bought some pink spray paint and picked out some leather for the handle bars and a beautiful new saddle. So then last week I had some spare time and so I started to dismantle it ready for sandle and painting. I took tonnes of pictures for putting it back together, like the one above, but sadly these are the only pictures I will ever have.

Because while I was out at college someone came along and collected up all the pieces and took off with them. I was completely gutted. I put up a sign but nothing happened.

Until, while searching Ebay I found the most perfectly gorgous bike ever. I mean seriously, this was the bike I was attempting to create. It was pretty expensive so I emailed the guy and he offered it to me for a much lower price saying that he would rather it went somewhere it was loved. I couldn't believe it, it completely confirmed my belief that there are truly lovely lovely people in the world.

So this is it! Isn't it the most perfect thing ever!? I'm thinking of calling her Margot but George is still holding out for Henrietta. I basically haven't stopped looking for bike routes since I bought her.

The sweetest thing was when I rode it to work all the little kids ran up and gasped. It is now called the princess bike.

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