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Star wars celebrations Part 2


Seeing as I made Lightsaber Pocky yesterday, I thought I would make them a cute little Yoda box to go in. It's realy simple origami. Hurrah!

First take a brown square piece of card and fold it in half diagonally.

Now fold the bottom corners into the middle so they meet... (excuse my red fingers, I'd been food dying red pocky lightsabers!)

Like this!


To secure your cup fold the triangles left on top down to keep your folds in place. 

You should end up with this!

Now open up your cup, turn it upside down and give the base a little shove until it can stand up...


You may need to fold the edges down to make it stable...


Now draw a cute lil Yoda head on some green card...

Cut him out...

And glue him to the back of your cup. Enjoy!

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