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Riley's new bed


This is Riley my beautiful cat. He sleeps on my pillow taking up far too much room, he meows at exactly midnight to tell me to go to bed, follows me around when I come home and he eats blueberry buttercream and walkers sensations crisps. I love having him around but the only problem is he always chooses to sleep on my keyboards thus disrupting my work. (He is actually on the keyboard in this photo but you can't see the keyboard because he's so podgy.) So I decided to make him somewhere to sit. 


I decided to make him a little bed in the corner because it's sort of unused. I used to have my gramophone and Marshmallow the giant cardboard squirrel but apart from that it was pretty empty.  

So this is Riley's finished room! Isn't it cute? I made him the pillow by screen printing on cotton, and decorated with lots of pom poms strung up. Riley loves Pom Poms! Whenever I make any I know that I have to hide them or within the hour Riley will have hidden them, thrown them around the room and shredded them. I also made him some stuffed heart toys which are stuffed with sleep well tea. I discovered the other day while making a brew that it makes cats go mental! I ended pouring a load on the floor and watching in amazement as he rolled around in it and generally went mental. So funny! I made his little cubby hole with two ikea lack tables (one of which I sawed down and glued to the other) and a big old white shelf for it all the rest on. I now have some storage over the top (which is currently occupied by a lovely pot of tea). On top I have my beautiful antique gramophone and my treasured snoopy painting.

So he loves it! And I have my keyboard back, hurrah! I also strung up some pretty fairy lights because it was starting to look a little dark in there. Now it’s dreamy and sparkly.

Edit: was originally published on Feb 24 2012 10:43PM

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