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Recently I have been pigging out for breakfasts so I decided to have a healthy way to start the day. Smoothies! They so yummy and extra freezable which means that if you plan ahead you can have them every day! Yay.

Lots of Yummy Fruit! (we used fresh fruit then froze it to make it icy so frozen fruit is just as good!)

Natural Yoghurt

Fruit juice

A blender

A knife

A freezer

1) Chop up all of your fruit

2) Place in a blender and wizz away until liquified.

3) Pour into small containers, cupcake pans or bowls.

4) Freeze.

5) Select your frozen fruits and place in a blender.

6) Blend until your fruit has a sorbet consistancy.

7) Add a few large spoonfuls of natural yoghurt and blend.

8) If you prefur your smoothies less thick add fruit juice and blend.

9) Serve! Yummy!!!

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